Payment and Refund Policy

Contact details

Legal address: Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, Liteinyi avenue, 53 (entrance trough the archway) Telephone number: +7 (960) 271-13-21,

Scope of work

Our company organizes Segway tours around Saint-Petersburg. We offer 8 routes:

* Segway tour "Though by Peter" (7.3 km long, 1 hour), 1470 RUB

* Segway tour "The heart of the city" (8.9 km long, 1.5 hours), 1750 RUB

* Segway tour "Stone faces" (10.2 km long, 2 hours), 1960 RUB

* Segway tour "On the banks of the Neva river" (11.5 km long; 2.5 hours), 2520 RUB

* Segway tour "White nights" (3 drawbridges, 2 hours), 2800 RUB

* Thematic segway tour "Secrets and Legends of the Northern Capital" (1.5 hours), 2000 RUB

* Thematic segway tour "Revolutionary St. Petersburg" (2 hours), 2200 RUB

* Thematic segway tour " Unforgettable happens: Mystical Petersburg" (2,5 hours), 2800 RUB

Payment methods

1. In cash

If the goods are delivered by courier, the payment has to be made in cash to the courier. Be sure to check the goods for a check and a warranty card.

2. By credit/debit cards

In order to pay with a bank card you need to choose this option on the corresponding web page.

The payment is made via JSC Tinkoff Bank with use of several payment systems:


VISA International

Mastercard Worldwide


In order to pay with a bank card you need to choose this option on the corresponding web page.

The payment is conducted through an authorized server of the bank's Processing center with use of bank credit/debit cards of the following payment systems:

VISA International Mastercard Worldwide

Cancelation of order

In case of cancellation of certain positions from an order (or cancellation of the order as a whole) you are allowed to order other goods, or to have the whole amount returned to your card after writing us an e-mail.

If the service was not provided to the client or they refused the service before it took place, the money is returned to the client's card in 5 days.

Payment via VISA bank cards

All of the VISA cards are allowed for payment, except for Visa Electron. In most of the cases Visa Electron does not allow online payments, with the exception of a few banks. You can check for the ability to pay with Visa Electron with you bank.

Payment via MasterCard cards

All types of MasterCard cards are accepted for payment.

Things to know:

1. Credit/debit card number

2. Expiration date

3. CVV number (for VISA cards) / CVC number (for MasterCard cards): last 3 digits next to your signature on the back side of the card

In case your card does not have a CVC /CVV number, then it is possible that your card does not allow CNP transactions (transactions that do not require a presence of the physical copy of the card, only the card's details) and you need to contact your bank for further information.

Order cancellation

In case of cancellation of some services from your order, or in case of cancellation of the whole order, you are allowed to purchase different services for the same amount of money, or to refund the whole amount with the help of your manager.

Return of goods/services

You can return the goods of inadequate quality 30 days after the purchase

The refund is made to your bank account within 5 to 30 work days (the time depends on your bank)

In case of refund all of the money is returned to accounts that were used to pay the goods/services

Proof of successful refund is a return check that will be sent to one's phone number or the e-mail that was specified while paying for the order online. In most of the cases the refund is conducted within 24 hours.

The time that it takes for the refund to appear on one's bank account depends on the bank, and can vary from 3 to 30 days. In case of a delay we recommend contacting your bank.

The bank's contact details are usually written on the back of your card.

Terms of delivery

We conduct Segway tours around Saint-Petersburg. We do not deliver the service to other regions. It is possible to have a gift certificate for our services delivered if agreed preliminary with a manager of The Sole Proprietor Sugorovskiy N. G.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anytime:

Telephone: +7 (960) 271 13 21

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