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Legal address: Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, Liteinyi avenue, 53 (entrance trough the archway) Telephone number: +7 (960) 271-13-21,
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Our company organizes Segway tours around Saint-Petersburg. We offer 8 routes:

* Segway tour "Though by Peter" (7.3 km long, 1 hour), 1470 RUB

* Segway tour "The heart of the city" (8.9 km long, 1.5 hours), 1750 RUB

* Segway tour "Stone faces" (10.2 km long, 2 hours), 1960 RUB

* Segway tour "On the banks of the Neva river" (11.5 km long; 2.5 hours), 2520 RUB

* Segway tour "White nights" (3 drawbridges, 2 hours), 2800 RUB

* Thematic segway tour "Secrets and Legends of the Northern Capital" (1.5 hours), 2000 RUB

* Thematic segway tour "Revolutionary St. Petersburg" (2 hours), 2200 RUB

* Thematic segway tour "Unforgettable happens: Mystical Petersburg" (2,5 hours), 2800 RUB

All of the tours are guided by experienced instructors that look after your safety.

Security policy and user agreement Personal data safety during processing it is guaranteed via a system of a restricted access data protection system which includes organizational measures and means of data security, means for prevention of unauthorized access, as well as other technologies used in the system.

The Sole Proprietor is allowed to provide third parties with subject's data and (or) entrust processing this data to third parties with subject's consent, if otherwise is not stated by the federal law. Required conditions for these actions are parties' responsibility for confidentiality and safety of the given data.

The Sole Proprietor will not give subject's personal data to public sources without subject's consent.

The Sole Proprietor and other parties that may possess personal data are obliged not to share the data with third parties and not to disclose the data without subject's consent, unless other is stated by the federal law.
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